7 Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online

Matthew Lloyd
July 22, 2021
Matthew Lloyd

buying car insurance online

More people are shopping online than ever before and shopping for insurance is no exception.

Buying car insurance online can save you time and money, but those aren't the only benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why you should make the switch to shopping for car insurance online to get the best policy and the best price. 

1. Less Paperwork

Everyone hates paperwork. When you purchase car insurance online vs agent, you can save time and energy on paperwork.

Buying car insurance online usually involves little, if any, paperwork. In most cases, you can fill in your application digitally and scan in any required documents to send to the insurance company. Your policy is then sent to your email address once it is issued.

You won't end up buried in confusing paperwork. It's super convenient to have access to your policy via your email. You can easily pull it up anywhere as long as you have your phone.

Less paper is also beneficial for the environment. 

2. No Need for a Local Agent

When buying car insurance online, you don't have to worry about finding and meeting with a local agent.

Insurance agents can help you understand what coverages you need and help you choose the right policy. When you shop for car insurance online, you can do your own research to learn about insurance terminology and what type of coverages you should buy. Buying car insurance online is designed to be simple and easy for the average driver who may not have knowledge of insurance jargon.

You can easily shop for and choose your own policy, putting the control back in your own hands. Of course, if you do need any assistance, an online agent is available to help you

3. Convenience

If you're like most people, you dread dealing with insurance matters. Buying a new policy or changing your current one used to require scheduling an appointment and going to a physical office. Meeting with a local agent during business hours can be inconvenient.

When you shop online, you can buy car insurance on your own schedule. You don't even have to leave your house. You can browse policies, apply for insurance, and even pay your premiums when your schedule allows.

Paying your premiums online using your bank cards or online banking makes it easier to keep track of due dates and avoid late or missed payments. 

4. Cost-Efficient

More and more insurers are ditching the traditional agent setup to save money. These savings are then passed on to the consumer.

Car insurance companies save money by selling policies online. Their operational costs are reduced by not having to staff and maintain physical locations or pay commissions to local agents. The reduced paperwork also cuts down on cost.

When insurers save money on operation costs, they can offer policies at better prices for customers. 

5. Saving Money

Probably the biggest benefit of buying car insurance online is the potential to save money on your premiums.

Many people buy a car insurance policy and stick with it for years simply to avoid the hassle of making the switch. This isn't the best way to manage your money. Buying car insurance online makes it easy to compare rates and switch to a policy that will save you money.

No one wants to throw away money on insurance premiums, especially in this economy.

When comparing policies, you want to look at more than just rates. It's important to compare premium prices but also coverages and features. Different insurers will offer different coverages and added features that might be worth a higher price tag.

Choosing the cheapest policy isn't always the right move. You have to take all of these factors into account.

Be sure to check your state minimum liability insurance requirements before shopping for a policy. If you lease or don't own your vehicle, check with your title holder about any applicable insurance requirements.

You simply can't compare coverages and rates as efficiently offline as you can on the internet. 

6. Transparency

When buying car insurance online, it's easy to do research to learn about the credibility of insurers.

You can use the internet to find out valuable information about different insurance companies. Examples include how quickly they settle claims, what their claims process looks like, and their incurred claim ratio. You can also search for reviews from current and former customers.

These reviews can give you a lot of insight into how previous customers perceive an insurer, especially if they have had to file a claim. It can be hard, if not impossible, to find this information offline.

You can also research the different discounts each potential insurer offers to help you save on premiums. 

7. It's Easy to Add Endorsements

It's much easier to add an endorsement to your policy when you buy car insurance online. You can easily view and update your policy as needed.

Before the internet, you would have to find and sort through a physical copy of your policy, making it much more difficult to keep track of your coverages and make any necessary adjustments. When things change and you need to adjust your coverage, it's important to do so right away.

With online insurance, you can request endorsements adding additional coverages with minimal effort. 

Interested in Buying Car Insurance Online?

One of the biggest benefits of buying anything online is the ability to really weigh your options. Car insurance is no exception.

When you shop online for car insurance, you can rest assured you're getting the coverage you need at the best possible price.

If you're interested in buying car insurance online, we're here for you! Click here to browse policies and compare rates today.