Savings On Auto Insurance for Good Drivers in Pennsylvania

Drivers with clean driving histories have access to better rates than drivers with traffic violations, speeding tickets, DUI citations and/or at-fault accidents on their records. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania drivers without any recent traffic violations on their records only enjoy about a 10% savings on their car insurance premiums, while the national average savings for good drivers is 17%. However, if you have a clean driving record, you may qualify for a safe driver bonus through your car insurance company. Talk to your insurer about its safe driver program and continually shop around for the best rates.

Rating FactorAnnual Savings in $Annual Savings in %
No Accident$75835.14%
Good Credit$119746.12%
No Traffic Violations$16410.48%
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Annual Auto Insurance Rates for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania

Teen drivers are the most at-risk demographic and, as such, are costly to insure. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are the most expensive to insure, while drivers up to 25-years-old can expect to pay a premium for their youth. How much more, you may wonder? The average teen driver in Pennsylvania pays three times more for auto insurance than older drivers, costing an average of $4,834 per year. This is only slightly less than the national average of $4,900.

Driver AgeAnnual Rate AloneAnnual Rate w/Parents

Geico doesn’t just have great commercials — it has great rates, strong financial backing and millions of satisfied customers. The average annual full coverage premium for Geico customers with strong credit and clean driving records is $916. The insurance company boasts a Bank Rate score of 4.6 and a J.D. Power score of 871/1,000. You can manage all insurance-related tasks — from paying your bill to changing your coverage to filing a claim — through the app, which has a 4.8/5.0 rating. Though a large company, Geico’s policies are fairly basic and may not be for you if you require more comprehensive coverage.

The average policy premium at Auto-Owners — a Lansing, Michigan, based auto insurance company — is $983. The company is over 100 years old and maintains an active presence in 26 states, including Pennsylvania. It has an excellent J.D. Power rating, strong financial backing and an “above average” customer satisfaction rating. The company insurers everyday vehicles as well as classic cars and modified vehicles.

The average annual full-coverage premium through Erie is $1,079. Erie has a J.D. Power score that is 10 points higher than Geico’s, at 881/1,000. It offers a rate lock tool so long as policy holders don’t make changes to their coverage. With a 4.5 rating through Zebra, it ranks second in the area of customer satisfaction.

The average annual premium for full coverage through State Farm is $1,143. It ranks above average in the areas of claims and customer satisfaction and boasts superior financial strength. It also boasts lower-than-average rates for all age groups, which may prove beneficial if you have teens.

Nationwide does not have the best reputation among its customers, evident in its “poor” customer satisfaction rating. However, it does have favorable rates, with an average annual full-coverage premium of $1,058. The policies are basic and offer little room for customization.

Rating FactorAnnual Savings in $Annual Savings in %
At-fault Accident$215735.14%
Bad Credit$259646.12%
Speed Violations$156310.48%

Annual Auto Insurance Rates for Bad Drivers in Pennsylvania

Anything from a minor traffic violation to an at-fault accident to a DUI citation can cause your car insurance premiums in Pennsylvania to skyrocket. Traffic violations have the least amount of impact, raising your rates by about 10%. However, if you are in an at-fault accident, expect your rates to increase by as much as 35%. If you receive a DUI citation, you can expect your rates to almost double with an increase of 44%. The hikes associated with accidents and DUI citations are on par with the national averages; however, the hikes following a traffic violation are lower than the national average.

Discounts on Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

One of the best ways to obtain a lower rate on your car insurance in Pennsylvania is to take advantage of insurers’ discount and savings programs. Though programs differ among insurance companies, some common savings opportunities for Pennsylvania drivers are as follows:

Many insurers are starting to offer telematics programs, which entail the use of a plug-in device or mobile app to monitor insureds’ driving patterns. Good driving can earn you discounts. Other companies offer discounts to individuals who drive less, as less driving means a reduced risk of getting into an accident.

Many companies attempt to help families save on the cost of premiums for young drivers. Talk to an agent to see if your insurer is one of them.

If you have other products through your insurer, such as home or rental insurance, consider bundling them. Doing so often yields significant savings. Your insurer may also offer a discount if you pay your policy in full.

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When shopping for Pennsylvania car insurance, it’s important that you do your due diligence, as rates and coverage vary significantly from provider to provider. Use our car insurance comparison guide to compare rates today.  

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