Geico car insurance guide The Government Employees Insurance Company, known as Geico, has been around since 1936. Based in Maryland, the company’s initial goal was to provide insurance for certain military officers and federal employees. Currently, Geico car insurance is available to everyone in the U.S. and they can even arrange for auto insurance in other countries for its policyholders. Geico car Insurance
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What Are Geico's Pros and Cons?

When deciding which company to buy an auto insurance policy from, we know that you’ll want to see what other people have to say about the company. We’ve compiled a list of commonly-stated pros and cons for Geico car insurance.



How Is Geico’s Pricing?

Geico is known as one of the cheapest car insurance companies overall. It is becoming more common for consumers to shop for auto insurance by price, which puts Geico ahead of the game when looking for policies based upon pricing. In most cases, Geico's premiums are among the least expensive.

Some groups may have a difficult time finding affordable car insurance. Those with poor credit, teen and young adult drivers, and those with speeding violations, DUI’s or previous accidents on their record are often charged a significantly higher premium. In most of these categories, Geico’s rates are cheaper than most other car insurance companies. A notable exception to that statement is that Geico has the highest average rate for drivers with a DUI on their driving record.  

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Does Geico Offer Discounts?

Many car insurance companies offer discounts, and Geico offers several. These discounts fall into different categories, including driving history, vehicle equipment, customer loyalty, driver’s education and driver affiliation.

Drivers with a clean driving record and no accidents within the previous five years are awarded discounts. Drivers who use a seat belt and require their passengers to use them also can get discounts off the personal injury or medical liability premiums.

Geico offers discounts if you have certain safety features on your vehicle, such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, daytime running lights, or an anti-theft system. Vehicles under three years old also qualify for certain discounts.

Customers who bundle policies with Geico are eligible for discounted rates. This bundling can mean either insuring more than one vehicle on your policy or combining other insurance products such as homeowners with your auto policy.

Young drivers are notoriously more expensive to insure. Geico offers discounts to those who have finished driver’s education classes or to full-time students who have good grades.

Geico discounts premiums to retired or active-duty military personnel, federal employees, members of certain groups and those who are participants in an emergency deployment.

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Independent insurance agents or brokers are not allowed to sell Geico policies. Local Geico agents are available in some areas, but the more common method of buying Geico insurance is by phone or online. can help you obtain quotes from Geico.

Geico is a leader in the car insurance industry, but they also offer other types of insurance such as:

  • Homeowners and renters
  • Life
  • Liability
  • Commercial
  • Boat, ATV, collector car, motorcycle and R.V.
  • Travel

It should be noted that although Geico offers these products, the actual coverage may be provided by other insurance companies that partner with Geico.

Geico has a powerful mobile app. Customers can use the app to show a digital insurance card, file and track claims, make premium payments, get quotes for various types of insurance, manage their policies, use Geico’s virtual assistant and request roadside assistance.

Geico is rated as being very stable financially. Standard and Poor’s gives Geico an AA+ for financial strength, and A.M. Best gives Geico an A++, which is the company’s highest rating.

Why is an excellent financial stability rating important? Policyholders need to be confident that their auto insurance provider can pay claims within a reasonable amount of time.

Geico offers several options if you need to file a claim. You can submit a claim by phone, through the Geico Mobile app, a local Geico agent, or their website. Policyholders can check the status of their claims using those options as well as by email. In some cases, your claim can be completed within 48 hours.

Overall, Geico is average when it comes to handling claims. Some customers report that customer service isn’t always satisfactory during the claims process. Some auto repair professionals don’t like working with Geico claims, and Geico also rates below average with the level of customer satisfaction surrounding claims.

Most of its policyholders are satisfied with Geico overall. Factors include having a user-friendly website and mobile app, premium prices, available discounts, good customer service and the variety of products offered. Many online review companies place Geico very highly, and surveys show that most policyholders would recommend Geico products.

Geico is a highly rated car insurance company. It has achieved recognition in areas such as low prices, the versatility of its mobile app, customer service and overall customer satisfaction. The Better Business Bureau gives Geico an A+ rating. According to J.D. Power, Geico ranked the highest of large auto insurers in purchaser satisfaction in 2020.   

Geico is the second-largest car insurance company in the U.S.

What Types of Car Insurance Coverage Does Geico Offer?

Although Geico doesn’t offer gap insurance, the range of other auto insurance products is extensive. Geico offers these coverages:

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