Car Insurance Costs in Florida

Insurance rates vary by state. State laws set the limitations and minimums required for each driver. Making sure you have proper coverage requires some comparison of providers in your area. When you get a quote online, we populate your rate based on your local zipcode. Florida residents should plan on having a higher premium than other states. Florida car insurance rates are up to 80 percent higher than the national average. Florida is also known as a no-fault state. In other words, each driver needs personal injury coverage to pay for their own medical costs, regardless of whose fault the accident was. Florida's rates are some of the nations' highest due to the following factors:

Florida car insurance rates

Local Florida Car Insurance Rates

In addition to state insurance laws, car insurance companies consider local conditions. Residents in metropolitan cities often have higher rates than those living in smaller outlying towns. Use your zip code to easily get a quote online. While local factors do apply, state minimums are the same for all Florida residents. By state law, Floridians must have a car insurance policy with the following coverages

Driving Record and Tickets

When searching for the best auto insurance rates, many drivers are disappointed to learn that their driving record and ticket history can impact their insurance rates. Drivers with repeat offenses are more likely to have higher insurance premiums. Some of the most common driving offenses known to impact car insurance rates include the following:

Many drivers can improve their driving record over time by getting fewer tickets and staying safer on the road. Drivers with a safe driving history and fewer tickets may be able to get discounted Florida car insurance rates.

When looking at your options, be sure to consider all of the following additions to your policy and determine which you need, and which you can do without:

Best Insurance Providers

Whether you choose auto coverage from a small local insurance provider or a large national chain, you should always compare the pros and cons of the policy before making your final decision. Different providers offer different rates and different protection. Start your search by typing in your zip code to get a quote online. Select the coverage options you prefer from the list and compare the rates. Compare some of the following insurance providers to see what policies and pricing they offer for drivers in your area.

Picking the Right Coverage

Once you have determined what type of coverage you want, and your top choices for providers, you should get a quote online to weigh your options. Some people make the mistake of believing that more expensive insurance equals better coverage. Conversely, cheap rates don't always add up to the best value. Insurance pricing is based on many factors, including the following:

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Get a Quote online

If you are looking for a discount on your existing policy, try asking your provider about better rates for good drivers, current students, group affiliation (such as the military), or profession (including teachers, veterans, or medical workers). 

When you do your research, you can get the coverage you need for a fair price.