car insurance compare Car insurance in California is 20% higher than the national average, but consumers can do things to find the best policy for the lowest price. California drivers have dozens of insurance companies to choose from, including Geico, State Farm, Progressive, and Wawanesa. Many factors, including your location, driving record, and age, can impact your insurance rate. You should do your research and compare quotes to make sure you get the best rate. Here is everything you need to know about getting affordable car insurance in California. California Car Insurance
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How To Get the Best California Car Insurance

While car insurance preferences vary by person, there are steps you can take to ensure the policy you purchase fits your needs. Follow these steps when shopping for a new car insurance policy: 

California requires motorists to have minimum levels of liability coverage to operate a vehicle in the state legally. You must purchase a policy with minimum grades of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. If a police officer stops you, you must show proof of insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance or with insufficient coverage, you could get a traffic violation.

If you plan to finance or lease your car, you may need to purchase additional coverage. For example, collision and comprehensive collision are not mandated by state law, but your lender will likely require you to buy them. Adding comprehensive and collision coverage is often referred to as having full coverage. Your lender may also require you to have higher liability limits. Some lenders may also require GAP insurance, which pays for the difference between your vehicle’s cash value and the amount you own on your loan if your car is damaged beyond repair.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to purchasing car insurance. If you are single and you drive sparingly, minimum coverage may be sufficient. If you commute daily to your job or have a teen driver in the house, you may need more coverage.

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California Car Insurance Discounts

Many California car insurance providers offer discounts to help customers save money on their premiums. While they vary by insurer, typical discounts include: 

California Car Insurance Companies

There are several car insurance providers in California. All of these companies offer insurance policies that meet California’s minimum requirements. However, these companies are not all created equal when it comes to coverage options and customer service. Shop around to find the best value and choose a company that has good customer satisfaction ratings. Here are some of the top companies offering insurance in California.

This is not a comprehensive list of California car insurance companies. Other companies, including small independent agencies, are found throughout the state. 

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Optional California Car Insurance

Motorists can add extra coverage to a standard policy for an additional cost. Many drivers choose to increase their level of coverage, especially if they drive an expensive car or live in an area with a high rate of accidents. Additional coverage options available in California include

Other types of coverage available in California include loan payoff coverage, medical payments and funeral services, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and uninsured motorist bodily injury.

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Average California Car Insurance Cost

California drivers pay more for car insurance on average than motorists located in many other U.S. states. According to a recent survey, the average Californian pays $2,065 per year for comprehensive coverage and $733 for minimum coverage. The high cost may be due to the state’s increased population and congested roadways, leading to denser traffic and more accidents. 

Factors that Impact California Car Insurance Rates

Several factors impact how much you pay for car insurance each month. Companies must mitigate their risks by charging certain customers more than other members that pose fewer risks.  Here are the factors that may impact your California car insurance rates: 

Insurance companies look at your driving history to predict what type of risk you pose to them. If you have recent parking tickets, moving violations, and accidents on your record, you may be seen as a risk to a potential insurer. On the other hand, applicants who have clean driving records are seen as less risky. Those posing less risk are usually quoted at cheaper rates. While the discount is based on your insurance provider, motorists with good driving records pay approximately 10% less than their counterparts.

Drivers under 25, particularly male motorists, pay the highest car insurance rates of any other group. Because inexperienced drivers have more accidents on average than older individuals, they are seen as a risk. A recent study found that Allstate, GEICO, and Progressive offer the cheapest rates for young drivers.  

Your location also impacts your car insurance rates. Drivers located in metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are seen as higher risks because of the high car accident rates in these cities. Motorists located in smaller towns often pay less. 

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Unfortunately, car insurance in California is more expensive than the national average. Full coverage costs approximately $2,065 annually, while a standard policy costs about $733 per year. However, your rates may be higher or lower than the state average. Many factors, including driving record, location, and age, can impact the amount of money you pay. 

The best way to find an affordable rate is to shop around, do your research, and compare quotes from multiple lenders. Avoiding car accidents and traffic tickets is also an excellent way to keep your car insurance premiums affordable. You should also explore the discounts your carrier provides, as many companies offer significant savings for members of specific organizations. 

California’s Low-Cost Automobile Program offers car insurance for drivers who meet specific income requirements. Drivers who get insurance through this program often pay less than their counterparts. However, program applicants must meet strict income and residency requirements to be eligible for the program. 

Yes, it is possible to self-insure an automobile in California. There are a few ways to satisfy the state’s financial responsibility requirements when it comes to insurance. You can provide a deposit of $35,000 or provide a bond for $35,000 from an eligible company to meet the self-insurance requirements. As you can see, self-insuring an automobile in California is quite expensive. 

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