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If you own a vehicle, you probably have auto insurance. Before the internet, obtaining quotes was a significant undertaking. You may have called various insurance companies or visited local offices to get quotes, which was very time-consuming. After the internet emerged as a widespread tool, the process of getting car insurance quotes was easier. Insurance companies developed their own websites so you could search for and find multiple companies to ask for quotes for car insurance online. has made that process even easier.
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What Information Do You Need to Obtain a Car Insurance Quote Online? has an easy form that will ask for the information we need to get you quotes from the best insurance companies that provide coverage in your area:

We need the year, make, model and VIN for each vehicle that you want to insure. Insurance companies use this information to determine risk factors associated with your specific vehicle, such as:

  • How much the car is worth
  • Safety records
  • The average cost of repairs
  • Safety equipment or features.

More expensive or newer vehicles and models with poor safety records cost more to insure. Those with more safety features may qualify you for discounts.

You’ll need to provide the driver’s license number of any driver that will be included in your policy. Criteria such as a driver’s age and driving record helps to determine how much your car insurance will cost. Other related factors are how the car is used, such as for school, work or leisure, and how many miles you drive to work or school and how many total miles you drive in a year. Previous claims against your auto insurance within five years can also affect your premium amount.

Buying Car Insurance Online
Guide to Buying Car Insurance Online
buying car insurance online guide

Not sure what you need? Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your business.

What Are the Main Types of Car Insurance?

Car insurance terminology is confusing at times, and we want to help you understand so you can make a more informed decision when comparing car insurance quotes. The major categories of auto insurance coverage are:

Some of these coverages are optional, but if there is a lienholder for your vehicle, you are probably required to carry “full coverage” insurance, which can include bodily injury and property damage liability, collision, uninsured motorist and comprehensive components depending upon the state you live in. Every state has its own minimum car insurance mandates, but those aren’t enough to protect you if you are in a serious accident. Purchasing additional coverage is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying car insurance online has several advantages. We know you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to call or visit several insurance companies so you can compare quotes. You can get car insurance quotes online at your convenience, not only during a local office’s normal business hours. You can also take the time you need to decide which policy is best for you.

Obtaining auto insurance online quotes saves the time you would have spent if you used more traditional methods, but it also saves time in another way. Your quotes are delivered to you within minutes instead of having to wait for someone at an agency to get back to you. When you get auto insurance quotes online, there's no pressure. If you deal directly with an agent, you might feel pressured to buy a certain policy.

You can save money by getting quotes from various companies. allows you to view multiple options side-by-side, making it easier to compare them. You can manage your auto insurance policy online, including buying the policy, making payments, viewing and printing insurance cards and making necessary changes.

Several additional types of coverage can be added to your policy. Most of these are relatively inexpensive but can be very worthwhile.

If you have a loan on your vehicle and it is stolen or totaled due to an accident, you are still responsible for the outstanding balance on the loan. If your car has depreciated, it may not be worth as much as that balance. Gap insurance helps pay the difference between the amount your insurance company will pay and what you still owe to the lienholder.

Roadside assistance coverage provides help if your vehicle breaks down. Services such as providing emergency fuel, changing tires, jumpstarting your car or replacing the battery, getting into your vehicle if you are locked out, and towing are common roadside assistance requests. If your car is disabled due to an accident or other covered incidents, you may need to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired. Rental reimbursement coverage helps with that expense.

Your car may need to be worked on by a mechanic for reasons other than being involved in an accident. Mechanical breakdown insurance can help pay for repairs if a major system in your vehicle fails. Transmission, electrical, and engine problems are examples of categories that mechanical breakdown insurance covers.

Auto glass insurance helps pay to repair or replace broken windows, the windshield or other glass in your vehicle. In most cases, the reason that your glass was damaged or broken doesn’t matter; the repair is still covered after your deductible is met. Some insurance companies also offer full glass coverage, which will repair or replace your glass without a deductible.

Your auto insurance policy will have a deductible, which you will choose. A deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket for a covered incident. In most cases, your premium will be lower if you have a higher deductible. The average deductible amount in the U.S. is $500; however, deductibles can also be $250, $1000 and $2000.

Car insurance liability limits are written like this: $100,000/$300,000/$100,000. The first number refers to the maximum amount of bodily injury coverage for one person injured due to an accident that is your fault. The second number is the bodily injury maximum for all persons injured in the accident. The third number specifies the maximum amount of property damage coverage that resulted from that accident.

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We want you to have all the information you need to make an educated decision when you’re deciding if you want to buy auto insurance online. We have numerous articles focusing on topics such as the average monthly car insurance payment, insurance rates for new drivers, how to change to a new car insurance company and finding the best prices.We know that your time is more valuable than ever. At, we have streamlined buying car insurance online by providing you with quotes from several insurance companies.